Gathered in the kitchen, adding yummy ingredients to a bowl, flour puffing up into my face as I tried my best to stir it all together and sneaking a bite (maybe two, maybe more) of cookie dough whenever my granny or mom wasn’t looking. Watching the balls of dough spread out and bake into gorgeous, golden cookies while filling the whole house with a delicious, buttery, chocolatey, and sweet smell. After great anticipation I would finally get that warm cookie, break it apart, and take a bite while licking the chocolate off of my fingers.

Making cookies with my Grandmother (more affectionately known as Granny to EVERYONE, everywhere!) and my mom are some of the best memories of my childhood. Back when everything was a lot more relaxed and simple. So different from the rushed and complex life of today. While I may not be able to erase all the problems of my life (or yours) I can grab my bowl and mix up a batch of cookie dough. I can enjoy as much of the dough as I want (without sneaking it!) because my recipe has made it safe to eat unbaked or I can bake it and still lick the warm and gooey chocolate from my fingers. Then, for at least a little while, I can remember how sweet life was and still is.

Please join me… Slow down and taste the dough.

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