Hi, I’m Jess!

Like many, I learned to cook from my mother and grandmother, or Granny as we called her. Granny was southern and her cooking definitely matched. Not enjoying her meals would be as likely as the sun not rising in the morning. Fortunately for me, my mother was taught very well and helped pass on that passion in the kitchen to me. In similar fashion to my grandmother, my mother always made the best meals that all of my friends and family could never get enough of.

After years of playing the customer and assistant, I began honing my passion in the kitchen as well. My children and extended family and friends have always loved my food. I was always nominated for providing holiday dinners and catering for special occasions. My coworkers always looked forward to potlucks because they knew that I would end up bringing in many delicious dishes and desserts. It has never been difficult to find guests to come to my house for a chance to taste my cooking. My children’s friends came to know my kitchen as a second home and could always count on a delicious meal when visiting my house. After much encouragement and outright persistent pushing from all of my friends and family, I finally decided that I should apply my passion and make my creations available for others to enjoy as well.

I am located in Roanoke (County), VA. Feel free to take a look around, and don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything that I can help you with!